Math for Marketers

June 26, 2019

Where exactly is the future of marketing heading?  

Most say, "to the robots!" but, not us.   

You see, we believe the future of marketing is already here and it has nothing to do with the newest AI tools, the next new easy-to-remember-philosophy or even best design. The future of marketing is data.

Unlike our predecessors, we have unprecedented access to business intelligence data spanning multi-departments and operations.  The future of marketing isn't in mastering a tactic or strategy, but in mastering the business of marketing. 

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In this 30-minute vidcast, Adele Tiblier and Britt Schwartz welcome you to a little known secret society of The Business of Marketing. 

After 30-minutes you will: 

  • Understand your greatest areas of growth in your career
  • Identify areas to immediately improve the way you approach marketing
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